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Madge’s Magic: A Look at a Forgotten Graphic Masterpiece

Jenny E. Robb and Richard D. Olson examine Madge, the Magician’s Daughter by the little-known W.O. Wilson. In 1906 and 1907, W.O. Wilson… more »

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I Remember Abner: An Interview With Al Capp’s Biographers

Monster. Genius. The P.T. Barnum of the comics. Or the Rabelais of the comics. Call “Li’l Abner” creator Al Capp any of the… more »

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Fritzi Ritz Before Bushmiller: She’s Come a Long Way, Baby!

Who created Nancy? You’re unlikely to stump any reasonably knowledgeable comics fan with that question. (If you don’t know that the response to… more »

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Whatever Happened to Total TeleVision productions?

The story behind the Total TeleVision studio—birthplace of Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo, among many other characters—has contained more questions than answers. Mark Arnold… more »

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Everybody’s Friend: Remembering Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo’s “My Friend Irma”

You’re not familiar with Irma Peterson? In the ’50s, she was Queen of All Media. Andrew Pepoy examines her comic strip incarnation (Note:… more »

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Excavating Bedrock: Reminiscences of “The Flintstones”

John Province talks to some of the key architects of the modern Stone Age family. When you’re with the Flintstones, you’ll have a… more »

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Blake Superior: The Bud Blake Interview

Rob Stolzer talks to Bud Blake, who retired after producing nearly 40 years of Tiger (Note: This interview originally appeared in Hogan’s Alley… more »

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Ho-Ho-Hogan! Our Annual Christmas Treat(s)!

This year, we’re pleased to present the 1942 Christmas strip from the Newspaper Enterprise Association, “Santa’s Victory Christmas.” The strip–the seventh in NEA’s… more »

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He’s Grrrrreat! The Thurl Ravenscroft Interview

Mark Arnold interviews Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice actor behind Tony the Tiger and many other characters. Note: This interview originally appeared in Hogan’s… more »

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Funny Business: The Rise and Fall of Johnstone and Cushing

Dik Browne ran through the lobby shrieking, his bloody shirt tattered and flapping in his wake. Al Stenzel, art director at Johnstone and… more »

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