Viva Las Vegas: The Reuben Weekend 2012 Photo Album

We want to share with you our photo album of the National Cartoonists Society’s annual bacchanalia, held in Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend. We especially want to thank the indefatigable David Folkman, who, besides being Hogan’s Alley‘s peerless art director, also took all of the following pictures. If you are pictured below and feel incriminated, it’s his fault.

 WARNING: We don’t recommend that pregnant women, or anyone with sensitive nervous or digestive systems, look at the following images.

(To view a larger version of each thumbnail, click on the image.)

4 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas: The Reuben Weekend 2012 Photo Album”

  1. Michael Walker

    Jun 26. 2012

    The best of the best at one show!

  2. mike peters

    Jun 26. 2012

    Hogan’s Alley, Thanks you so much for these great photos. It was a great weekend.But, and this is a big BUT, NCS has got to find a way for the winners to come to this event. It was embarrassing that so many of these cartoonists were missing. The Elvis was cute but Nine out of twelve or thirteen did not show up…. And that was Las Vegas for pete’s sake! Tell them they won’t win the award or give them some travel money but do something . The next place is Pittsburg not a huge appeal, so do something. We love this organization don’t let it wither away. Mike Peters

  3. hogan

    Jun 27. 2012

    Mike–I could not agree more! I cringed when division winner after division winner were no-shows. Some people ask why aren’t the Reubens webcast…and I would cite situations like that as a reason to thank God they aren’t! I would hate for the rest of the world to see awards being accepted on behalf of creators who couldn’t be bothered to show up. It’s definitely something for the NCS board to take up in their discussions.

  4. Howard Cruse

    Jun 28. 2012

    I’m sure that many cartoonists, even award-level ones, regret being no-shows. In all likelihood many seasoned cartoonists can no longer afford neither the membership fees not the travel costs of being part of the NCS scene, particularly in these hard times for publications in which layoffs are rampant and the markets for illustrators are collapsing. I was a member of the NCS for a couple of years a couple of decades ago and although it was the fulfillment of a childhood dream, it quickly became clear that continued participation was beyond my means. I managed to make it to one small event that took place within geographical reach. When it was announced that the following year’s convention was going to be held on a cruise ship, thus ruling out the option of traveling to a hosting city where I could maybe stay with friends, I realized that I was not a candidate for inclusion in what seems, from the photos, like a great — though pricey — opportunity to spend time with colleagues I admire.

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