Web Extras: Hogan’s Alley #19

Post-Code Horror Comics

Dave Blanchard took Hogan’s Alley #19 readers on an epic tour of the post-Comics Code landscape of horror comic books. And although the Code eliminated much of the excess that had characterized horror comics at their scandalous peak, many creators nevertheless worked within the restrictions to create tales that were effective, if less explicit in their presentation. Here are a few complete stories from the Silver Age post-Code era that Blanchard examined:

Gene Packwood, The Accidental Cartoonist

Allan Holtz introduced readers to Gene Packwood, who is surely among the oldest working cartoonists. His career began in Korea, when he was in the service, and continues to this day. We are privileged to present here a selection of his work from over the decades:

Whatever Happened to Robin Malone?

Dave Edwards took Hogan’s Alley #19 readers on a thrilling exploration of the life and (perhaps) death of the inimitable Robin Malone. And while his feature helped close the chapter on one of comics’ enduring questions, we felt that Bob Lubbers’ luscious Sunday Robin strips deserve to be shown in color. Enjoy!

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