The Christmas Card Art of Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart was the epitome of a peripatetic talent. Apart from his groundbreaking work on B.C. and the Wizard of Id, Hart dipped his toes in creative waters ranging from animation and advertising illustration. So while much of his work is readily available, some of it had a much smaller audience—for example, his Christmas cards. We are privileged to share some of these cards with you here, unseen for many years and generously supplied by Hart’s daughter, Patti. Although Hart was a devout Christian, these cards don’t sermonize or seek to evangelize. They are, rather, wonderful examples of Hart’s cheeky and mordant wit. We hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful Christmas season! (Click each thumbnail to see enlargements.)

Johnny Hart was the subject of a long, career-spanning interview in Hogan’s Alley #2. To purchase a complete PDF facsimile of the sold-out Hogan’s Alley #2, click here.

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